Tips For Promoting Your Music on Social Media!

As an aspiring artist, it’s hard to get a ton of people to support what you do, especially the ones who don’t understand the process of getting their music “heard”.

This could be you.

Whether you’re a new artist, or a growing one, there are several ways to make your music grow.

Social media is the best way due to the technological influences that we have today. It is a way to get people engaged in your music. How can you make this happen?

Step 1: Be relevant, but be you!

Try spicing up your social platforms by making it more exciting and creative. Be you! Music is meant to create a deeper meaning behind the person creating it. Let the content speak for itself.

  • Brainstorm design ideas
  • Use hashtags (maybe even create a personal hashtag)
  • Be exciting and unique!

Step 2: Post in moderation

No one wants to be flooded by posts about music, and it’s more beneficial to the promotion of your personal branding if you post frequently but without overdoing it. So how will you do this?

  • Plan out your social posts! Create a calendar or page of times and days you want to post, with a designated amount of content you want to put out.

For example:

  • Facebook: 4 times a week
  • Twitter: 3 times a day
  • Instagram: 2-3 times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday)

Step 3: Create a Personal Blog

What better way to increase your personal branding then designating an area that’s all about you!

  • Create an “About Me” section and introduce yourself in a fun, engaging way.
  • Have a section for your music that people can check out
  • Lastly, link your blog to other social media platforms which will draw people in!

Have fun and be CREATIVE! This is a way to show who you are and make connections with people who share not only a love for music, but the same interests as well.