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Soundcloud is the world’s most popular music based social media platform to date. When you release your music on Soundcloud, you want to drive as much attention to it as possible. All Free Repost is proud to say that we have helped thousands of artists do just that with our powerful Soundcloud repost campaigns. Check out the pre-built campaigns below, or contact us to book a custom campaign consultation.

What Can I Expect?

  • Promote a single, EP, or full album
  • Gain new fans
  • Reach thousands of new listeners
  • Get the engagement you’ve been looking for


Whether you're just starting out in the industry, or an established artist looking for better promotion, this campaign gives you the ability to test our services while still getting top-notch promotion at a price you can afford.

Minimal Campaign Results Example

Our most popular campaign, the Moderate level provides the perfect balance of value and results. Take your music to the next level and start getting noticed.

AFRP Moderate Campaign Results Example

Reach our full network with the most powerful campaign we offer. With over 2 million listeners, the AFRP Network gets your track in front of record labels, managers, and A&R Reps worldwide. Get maximum visibility on your music at the industry's lowest prices.

AFRP Maximum Campaign Results Example
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350k Repost Campaign
5,000+ Plays
100+ Likes
70+ Reposts
40+ Comments
Not included in Featured Playlist
Takes 2-3 days
800k Repost Campaign
35,000+ Plays
700+ Likes
400+ Reposts
100+ Comments
Not included in Featured Playlist
Takes 4-5 days
2.5 Million Repost Campaign
80,000+ Plays
1,300+ Like
900+ Reposts
250+ Comments
Included Featured Playlist
Takes 6-8 days
Track Dependent
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets


5 tracks per month
350k Repost Campaigns
5,000+ Plays/track
100+ Likes/track
70+ Reposts/track
40+ Comments/track
1 track included in Featured Playlist
5 tracks per month
800k Repost Campaigns
35,000+ Plays/track
700+ Likes/track
400+ Reposts/track
100+ Comments/track
2 tracks included in Featured Playlist
5-7 tracks per month
2.5 Million Repost Campaign
80,000+ Plays/track
1,300+ Like/track
900+ Reposts/track
250+ Comments/track
3 tracks included in Featured Playlist
Larger Campaigns
Contact Us
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets
Custom Targets

Targeted Strategy

AFRP takes a look at your track and brand image to gauge their mood, energy, and genre, targeting the best channels on our network for your style. We’ve honed our technique over thousands of campaigns and have used our unique strategy to help artists build their brand on Soundcloud.

More Than Soundcloud

We don’t limit our service to Soundcloud. We can help you promote your music on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We also have 12+ Spotify playlists that you can submit your music to for free! We want to help you grow your music career any and every way we can.

Contact Us

Want to have hands on control of your Soundcloud campaign? Looking for professional results, reporting, and analysis? Reach out today via our Contact Us page and we’ll set up a consultation. Get everything you want out of your promotion!


All Free Repost is an independent music marketing and promotion platform with a single goal, getting your masterpiece heard by as many people as possible… for free.

We understand the costs independent musicians face when releasing a track, so we aim to make promoting your music simple, easy, and effortless. With an active and growing audience on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, we serve as the connection between music hungry audiences, and your great sound.

High-quality music production is very important to us so we take the time to listen to each and every submission to ensure that we meet that #RepostWorthy high-quality music standard our listeners crave. For more about All Free Repost, use the Quick Links below!