Losing SoundCloud Groups doesn’t mean losing listeners

After SoundCloud decided to get rid of the “Groups” feature on their platform, many independent artists are searching for new ways to get their music heard by a large audience. Although SoundCloud Groups have disappeared, there are still a few viable ways to promote your music for free on the SoundCloud platform.

Private messaging is one remaining way to connect with other artists, promoters, or labels while still increasing the chances of getting your music heard. Simply attach your latest musical creation to your messages on the platform and ask the fans you are socializing with to take a listen, like, and/or repost if they enjoy it. These music-filled messages deliver new music directly to your followers, increasing the odds that they are going to listen to it. When you couple that with a little politeness, you have already done much more for yourself than simply posting your music. In our experience, this simple method works surprisingly well and increases traffic towards your other tracks through genuine interest.

In the absence of SoundCloud Groups, repost/promotion networks, like us, and playlist curators have become a very popular avenue for independent artists to spread their music.

We here at AFRP have chosen the free model for our promotion network, requiring nothing more than a follow/like for promotion consideration. Not to brag, but we feel this is best model and promotes the most unbiased collaboration between the artists and the promoter as possible.

We are pleased to say that there are a good number of repost/promotion networks that follow this practice, however, you will run across some networks that require much more for promotion consideration. The biggest networks have recognized the easy money to be made by requiring payment to join their talent pool, thus giving your track a chance for promotion. What they don’t tell you is that once an artist gets big enough, they will approach you, and will offer a discounted rate for guaranteed promotion. Don’t waste your money on promotion early in your career when so many free options exist.

Another free method for promotion available to SoundCloud users are the virtually unknown “add your track instantly” playlists. We have dubbed these playlists the “add your track instantly” playlists because the easiest way to find them is to search “add your track instantly” in the SoundCloud search engine (NOTE: you have to search that EXACTLY). There aren’t many of these playlists, but we have found that they are a great source of new listeners, followers, and true fans. Each playlist is labeled by genre and use automation to add your track to the desired playlist(s). To get your track on the playlist(s), follow the 3 steps we’ve outlined below:

  1. Follow the channel that the playlist(s) are on
  2. Find the track(s) above the playlist(s) you would like to post your track(s) to and comment the SoundCloud URL(s) of the track(s) you would like posted on that/those track(s)
  3. Repost the playlist(s) you’ve selected to your channel

After you have completed the above steps, the system will add your track(s) to the selected playlist(s). This usually takes a few minutes. Once your track(s) has/have been added, you will notice a spike in traffic over the next couple days, enough to grab a decent chunk of new fans. Not bad for a few minutes work!

Overall, since the extinction of SoundCloud Groups, it has become more difficult to promote your own music for free. We feel it was one of the worst moves SoundCloud could have made. When a social platform makes it harder for its users to be social and harder to share content, it is only a matter of time until a replacement platform comes along that makes it easier. Until then, however, you can use the methods outlined above to drive people to your music for free, building your fan base everyday with just a little effort.