Hi! Welcome to ALL FREE REPOST and PROMO! The only truly FREE SoundCloud & Facebook promotion service!

Everyone here at AFRP is an independent musician, so we know the trials and tribulations of marketing your own music. With the big names in music able to spend ridiculous amounts of cash on promotion and marketing, it has become difficult for new, independent artists to get their music heard without trying to match other artists’ promotion budget. That’s why we decided to start AFRP.

We believe that every artists deserves an equal shot at getting their music heard, and that is what you will find on AFRP. Whether you have thousands of followers on SoundCloud and/or Facebook, or just one, we treat you all the same; providing the same services, same customer-friendly interactions, and same results.

So with that, we would like to say welcome again! Artists: try it out, it doesn’t cost a dime! Listeners: come back each day for a healthy dose of “Best Quality – Always Fresh” music to add to your queue!

-AFRP, TheFounder