Interested in networking with us? – Using to link SoundCloud channels

One of the quickest and most staggering ways to increase the reach of a repost channel is through good old-fashioned communication. Interacting with other established networks can lead to mutual benefit. We’ll show you how we use to grow a mutual network.

When we began this project back in May, we had no idea what we were doing. We just thought that it would be cool to create a truly free repost and promotion network. A network that offered more than usual for free. Because life, more specifically, life as a musician can be rough right? Let’s make this part easy.

After a couple months of steady growth, we were approached by several established SoundCloud repost channels, asking if we would be interested in partnering. At the time, we had never heard of partnering or how to use to do it.

Naturally, we were skeptical. “What does that entail? Are there minimum requirements? How does it help you?, etc.” All good questions when engaging with others on today’s internet. After asking a few questions, we gained a cloudy, but discernible picture of what a “partnership” meant.

To partner with a network, it means you link your SoundCloud channel to theirs via, and vice versa. The understanding seems to be unfettered access within reason to each other’s channel. To ensure this standard is met, the link can be terminated by any party at anytime.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of this “partnership”.

-If agreed upon by a larger, more established channel, your network becomes exponentially larger
-Increased visibility for your brand to a new audience
-Constant flow of content

-You relinquish some control over the content on your channel

While giving up some, but not all, control over our channel was hard, at this point in our journey, our experience with the likes of JRizzz Musik World and FEEN THE MUSIC have been nothing but pleasant. We intend to continue to find and partner with similar networks in order to give our users access to the most we can for free.

If you run a SoundCloud repost channel and want to partner with us, email us:


By engaging in a partnership with us, we can guarantee fair and reasonable use of the partnership at all times. Our only criteria for promoting a track here at AFRP is production quality, so you can rest assured no whack tracks will be blowing up your channel.