Demo Submissions

Simply click the Demo Submission link in our menu, and submit your unreleased track/album to our Hypeddit demo submission gate.

We only accept unreleased content for full releases. If your track has already been released & distributed we cannot legal do so again.

Unreleased content has not been officially released by you or another party, in that, it has not been monetized or distributed. If your track is on Spotify, it has already been released and the copyrights fully assigned.

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All Free Repost is an independent music marketing and promotion platform with a single goal, getting your masterpiece heard by as many people as possible… for free.

We understand the costs independent musicians face when releasing a track, so we aim to make promoting your music simple, easy, and effortless. With an active and growing audience on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, we serve as the connection between music hungry audiences, and your great sound.

High-quality music production is very important to us so we take the time to listen to each and every submission to ensure that we meet that #RepostWorthy high-quality music standard our listeners crave. For more about All Free Repost, use the Quick Links below!